Come partecipare
How to participate

Come funziona
How does it work


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How to vote

Esiti Concorsi
Contest results



1. Participation in the competition involves the acknowledgment, the unconditional acceptance of this regulation and the author's consent to the publication of data provided by the author himself. If the Artist does not want to consent to the publication of personal data, he must clearly indicate it in the e-mail of adhesion.

2. Each artist can compete with one or more works and can participate in subsequent competitions with a different work. The competition is open to any artistic expression as long as it does not offend the sensibilities of others; therefore, Ad-Art may at its sole discretion exclude from the publication works of content that does not comply with the foregoing.

3. In presenting his work, the author automatically declares its authorship and authenticity. No responsibility can be attributed to Ad-Art in the case of illegitimate attributions. The identification of each artist is entrusted exclusively to the e-mail address with which he will send his data and images to Ad-Art. This e-mail can not be changed during the course of the competition and will be the only one accepted for the performance of the vote. The competitor explicitly authorizes Ad-Art to publish on the web, on paper, on catalogs or on any other media images, texts, accounts and sites, its data freely provided.

4. Registration for the competition is guaranteed by the payment of the registration fee as long as it is carried out within the terms indicated in each competition. The registration fee of only 36 euros as donation is inclusive of all charges due to Ad-Art.
Any registration fees received after the deadline indicated or exceeding the maximum number of participants accepted for each competition will be retained by Ad-Art and the competitor will automatically participate in the next competition.

5. Participation in the Competition is by invitation of Ad-Art or other authorized subjects. Participants will be invited to vote for the Ad-Art Award and the Critics Award. The artists' vote must be expressed in favor of fellow participants with exclusion of their name.
The duration of the competition is about 30 days. After that the works will remain on the homepage of the website www.ad-art.it until the next competition. The registration deadline for each competition can be extended if a number of 35 competitors is not reached.

6. The competitions are 3: Ad-Art Award - Critics Award - Galleristi Award. Prizes are awarded to the artists who have obtained the highest score in the relevant competition. No complaints are allowed beyond the 3rd day from the publication of the outcome. Data or feedback from voters can not be provided for privacy reasons.

7. The competitors themselves will designate the winner of the Ad-Art Award. The Critics of Art and Colleagues invited Artists will designate the winner of the Critics Prize and the invited Gallery Art Galleries will be designated as the winner of the Gallerist Prize.

8. In the votes for the Ad-Art Award, the first selected work will be awarded 15 points, the second 9 points and the third 7 points. With the same vote, the Prizes will be awarded to the Artist who will first make the payment of the registration fee. If not published each Artist will have the right to request privately the number of their votes obtained in the 3 Competitions.

9. In the other 2 competitions, each point will be awarded 1 point.

10. All the participating Artists will receive a digital and printable Certificate of Merit.

11. Artists must always check the invitations to vote by e-mail also in the SPAM folder. Otherwise, complaints will not be accepted.

12. Each participating artist will have his own page available on the website www.ad-art.it in which are inserted the works that from time to time participate in the Competition and will remain there permanently.

13. Participation in the Competitions automatically implies the approval of these Rules.

14. For each controversy the Cuneo court is elected competent.