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PPEgyptian Cat 2  


-Glass Art and Oil Paintings. Specialist in engaged art.

-curator Galerie Kunst aan de Kade Rotterdam e.o. at Coopvaert. Blaak 776, 3011 TA

Rotterdam. Open from 10.30 a.m. Sunday closed. Free Entry.


-Representative Curacao at API.

-Project in City of Rotterdam: `Weena Zuid got Balls`, Jan. 2012.

-Curator Biënnale Kunst aan de Kade Rotterdam, 2011.

-Curator International Exhibition with Swedish Artists, 2010.

-Exhibit International: oil paintings and glass art. Include the Louvre, Paris. New York, London,


International Engaged Artist (Fine Art, Professional)

title: B Ed (Bachelor of Education)

institute: Willem de Kooning Academy at Rotterdam, the Netherlands

judicium: exceptional



Gallery Kunst aan de KADE Rotterdam e.o.

p/a COOPvaert, Blaak 776, 3011 TA Rotterdam



BIKKELBuKi: 2011, annual publication since 2003                

BIKKELcalendar: 2011,  annual publication since 2008     

BIKKEL Birthday calendar: 2011, since 2011                           


Nomination :  

Climate Prize Vlaardingen 2009



For the Biennales promotion in the World 2007

Biennale Internazionale dell’ Arte Contemporanea Florence, Italy, 2007


Sponsoring by:

Contribution Municipality Vlaardingen 2009 design sketch 3 glass objects Centre Vlaardingen

World Art Vision 2008 sponsoring by Speedmark Transportation / Amsterdam

Biënnale Florence 2007 sponsoring by Stichting Fonds Schiedam Vlaardingen e.o.



AD, The Netherlands: “Kleurrijke ballenzee op Weena Zuid” – January 2012, The Netherlands: “Bikkelhart in bloei in de klas” – June, 2011

AD, The Netherlands: “Artist Bikkel at Vlaardingen exhibit at Paris at the Louvre”  - June 4, 2010

Amigoe, Curacao: “Environment damages caught in oil paint” - June 2, 2009


Lecture of Bikkel:

TMC Asser Intitute, The Hague, 2011

Cultural Centre HOLLANDIA, Vlaardingen, 2009


Bikkel artwork included in International Art Collections of Museums:

2011- glass sculpture at Cabinet Minister of Curacao, The Hague, Netherlands

2011 – two oil paintings at International Art Collections of Museum of Vukovar at Croatia

2011 - two oil paintings at International Art Collections of World Art Games at Croatia

2009 – four oil paintings at International Art Collections of The Curacao MUSEUM, Willemstad, Curacao

2008 – one oil painting at International Art Collections of The Curacao MUSEUM, Willemstad, Curacao

2008 – three oil paintings at International Art Collections of GemeenteMuseum Maassluis, The Netherlands


International Exhibitions of BIKKEL:

ROTTERDAM, project "Weena Zuid got balls", 2011

FLORIDA, USA, Museum of the Americas, 2011

THE NETHERLANDS, solo at TMC Asser Institute, The Hague, 2011

PALERMO, ITALY, la Fondazione Whitaker, 2011

FLORIDA, USA, Museum of the Americas, 2011

ROME, ITALY, Gallery Spaziottagoni, 2011

FLORENCE, ITALY, Gallery Civico69, 2011

LISSABON, PORTUGAL, Colorida Art Gallery, 2011

VUKOVAR, KROATIE, Art Colony Vukovar, 2011

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, Gallery Cosmopolitan, 2011

MONACO, FRANCE, OpenArtCode Monaco, Auditorium Reinier lll, France, 2010

NEW YORK, AmsterdamWhitneyGallery, 2010

LONDON, OpenArtCode London, Oxo Gallery, 2010


NEW YORK, AmsterdamWhitneyGallery, 2009

CURACAO, The Curacao MUSEUM, Willemstad, 2009

THE NETHERLANDS, 4e Glass exhibition Castle Cannenburg, Vaassen, 2009

THE NETHERLANDS, Antillenhuis, The Hague, 2009

THE NETHERLANDS, Florence Biennale Revisited at The Hague, 2009

CANCUN, MEXICO, World Art Vision, 2008

CURACAO, The Curacao MUSEUM, Willemstad, 2008

THE NETHERLANDS, GemeenteMUSEUM, Maassluis, 2008


CHINA, SHANGHAI, Shanghai Art Fair, 2005