Fernanda Nobre   - Ironia


Talking a little about the sculpture I do.

When I represent the human body in different positions, or when I represent busts or hands, I am to contribute to the representation of the time in which I live through the expressions of those I come across. That is why I create the faces of ordinary people, those I encounter on a daily basis on the roads, in transport, in cafes, but also those that are part of my memories.

I represent them in imagined situations and try to interpret their feelings, trying to represent them through their facial and body expressions. Those who smile enjoying the best of life, those whom happiness does not accompany or those who observe and live what surrounds them.

This sculpture doesn´t have the back. It is intend to be leaning against a support.

It represents a woman who expresses irony about what she observes from a distance.




 Plaster (with sisal), painted / 28 x 19 x 24 / 2018 /
 Pagina Artista  /
mfernandanobre@gmail.com / Tel. (351) 938945 451