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Venetian Idyll  

Dr. Aranka Székely was born in 1966 in Transylvania, Romania. Having graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, she relocated to Hungary. Aranka is a doctor by profession and an artist by her passion and creative mind. She currently runs her private medical practice in Alsózsolca and Miskolc, Hungary.

As a self-taught artist she tried her hand in different styles of painting from realistic to abstract using pastels, acrylic and watercolours. Aranka’s color palette is very vivid and at the same time very feminine.Aranka has participated to a lot of solo and group international exhibitions and has been awarded a few times with international prizes .Her masterpieces were displayed in art magazines and yearbooks.Art gives her a huge joy and helps her coping with everyday stress.


Luckily she exhibits not only in Hungary. Galleries in Zagreb, Rome, Wien also invited her. Her master-pieces were displayed and awarded at solo- and group-exhibitions. A few of her works were published in art magazins and yearbooks.


Exhibitions:Miskolc(Hungary,2018,2019), Alsózsolca(Hungary,2019), Zagreb(Croatia,2018), Rome(2019,2020)

Publications:”The New Art Book 2019”

„Art International Contemporary Magazine”Awards: Art Selection Museum,2019(Italy)

International Prize „Giotto”,2019(Italy)

International Prize”Leonardo da Vinci”,2020(Italy)

50 Artists to invest in,2020(Italy)


Fiestalonia I Prize (Spain)

International Prize”Artist of the year 2020”(Italy)

International Prize”Raffaello § Canova”(Italy)

International Prize” David –Michelangelo”(Italy,2021)

International Prize”The best 2021 Modern and Contemporary Artists”(Italy)