PAGINA DELL'ARTISTA ART DUET ( Margaritha Henriksson and N.PRIMA )

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N.Prima /Natalia Proskuriakova


Artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Natalia is member of Saint-Petersburg Union of Artist /IFA/. Only during 2016-2019 Natalia held seven solo exhibitions. One of themJapanese Spring in Petersburg” within XVI City Festival, this was personally attended by the Japanese attaché. The same period, Natalia participated in different international Art festivals in Saint-Petersburg - awarded as “Lauriat I levels” and “Lauriat of Grand Prix” with a gold medal.

N.Prima`s favorite techniques are experimental graphic, vanguard and abstract style. The main idea she follows in her works is the big interest and love to different cultures and people, living on our Planet. Natalia attracts her viewers with a fresh concept of beauty of nature, emotional rhythm of a megapolis and human relations. Sometimes it’s simply a fantasy or dream, which she represents in her own art style. Over time, the style changed and improved – it finally became her business card, increasing her auditory also internationally.


Margarita Henriksson.

Artist /Designer from Stockholm, Sweden. Margarita studied in Academy of Art and Academy of Municipal Service in Russia, a private school of Fine Arts in Sweden, National Design Academy: Interior/Heritage Design in England. Participant in the research/education project "Urban Re-Mix” in Royal Academy of Art, Sweden. Additional educations: mosaics, floristics, restoration, photo, computer graphics.

Since 2016 - she works together with N.Prima. They started their cooperation with the project “Japan”. 2017 - 2019 in parallel with other art exhibitions, she created a 3D model for glass sculptures which were produced together with well-known glass masters in Murano, Italy and Sweden. Margarita was member of the jury in the National Art Festivals” Art Assembly” which was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

My parents are artists. Already from my childhood I was interested in Art. Later, I studied art. I like to experiment by hand or with computer graphics. My favorite themes are everything connected to nature and history. I travel a lot around the world and all my knowledge, experience and emotions I express through my art. I always connect to places I visit, to historical and actual things and moments and mix this with my fantasy or imagination...”


Art duet”
N.Prima and Margarita Henriksson

Both are members of
Eurasian Art  Union, Moscow, Russia and  

Natalia and Margarita work together since 2016.
They have done many different paintings and mixed media art works, where they have created an own unique technique.


Both are members of the international project “Infinity of Art”. The main idea is transformation of various forms of art, integrating ideas and processes from different creative professions, to get new interesting results and creative insights.


Both participated in more than 60 international exhibitions/contest during last years, in galleries and exhibition halls in Russia /St. Petersburg, Moscow/, France /Paris/, Cyprus /Limassol, Nicosia/, China /Beijing/, Belarus /Minsk/, Denmark /Copenhagen/, Crimea /Sevastopol/, Slovenia /Ljubljana/, Turkey /Ankara/, Italy /Milan, Rome, Brindisi, Sardinia, Sicily, Verona, Lecce/, Sweden /Stockholm/, Hungary /Budapest/, Israel /Tel Aviv/, Greece /Thessaloniki/, India /New Delhi/and USA – where they repeatedly were awarded.

Their artworks were shown in different art contest in interior design, digital art, computer graphics, animated graphics, illustrations and paintings in abstract, vanguard, experimental and visionary styles.

They were published on many sites/exhibition projects: AMERICAN ART AWARDS, ART WEEK, ART GEO AWARD, VOX ANIMAE, VANGUARD TODAY, ARTEXPO, EOS, FOMENAR. Catalogues: IFA, New face in the ART, ART Culture, ART Portrait Club, ART in Design, ARTEXPO, EOS.