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 Dawn on the other side of the world





I was born in 1963 in Strasbourg, France.

Selfeducated, I draw and paint since I’m child. My teaching career near young children allow me to explore visual arts in all its forms. With them, I have discovered little bits of paper that we throw, store, collect and recycle.

On my canvases, these bits of text, of words and of images are essential elements of my paintings. They are cut, glued and paint and thereby have a new life and harmonise with each other to create colourful realms marked with lightness.



Février 2020 : Médiathèque Tomi Ungerer – Vendenheim - France

2020 : Place des Arts – Strasbourg -France

2019 : Mairie d’Illkirch – Association EnVie de Couleur - France

2019 : Pavillon Joséphine – Strasbourg – Artistes Libres d’Alsace - France

2019 : Château La fibule – Brumath – Artistes Libres d’Alsace - France

2019 : Artexpo Summer 2019 – Rome - Italie

2019 : Place des Arts – Strasbourg - France

2019 : ARES – Strasbourg – thème : les objets - France