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Critical assessment of the artist Almeida de Moura Clementina 

By Dr. Alessandro Costanza

Artist Almeida de Moura uses a chromatic focused on the cadmium red and dark blue cobalt, linked to shades of the skin tone of the subjects she represents. Almeida de Moura, entrusts to her canvas the feelings and emotion of the moment, seeking to convey to the observer the same vibrations that she reproduces pictorially in her works.

After a careful analysis of the paintings, we note that unconsciously there is a capacity to emerge and the constant need to bring up the feelings that accompany it on a daily basis, such as the melancholy of past memories, and the joy of an arriving new day (twilight and sunsets).

In the pictorial work of Almeida de Moura we note an extreme need for light while in the palette used by the artist the tones are without any bright light but focused on inflamed red and blue colors.

Quite often in Almeida de Moura’s work appears a female bust, represented in various poses, elegant and sober, with a net face and clear and limpid skin.

Joy, sadness, a will to live, which internally characterized the artist notwithstanding the day-to-day responsibilities that everyone must face, this is the key to an art which by its various facets can be defined “Expressionist and at the same time informal' with a brief but very accentuated reference to the painting in the 1920s and 40 by brushwork and floating spatula due to a very skilled hand at work with the paint on the canvas.

The entire work is magnificent considering that an artist who combines daydreaming with a semi-abstract composition, inflamed tones and in net contrast with the fair complexions of the of the artist’s soul, (the subjects often have faces with identical features) cached at the very moment when emotion is felt.

The originality is particular by the numerous references to historical works by the adopted chromatic similar for example to the pallet of a few French impressionists artists of the late nineteenth century, similar as well to Art Nouveau and the expressionism of Albero Burri by the “fire” red tone adopted by the author.

Original, stylish, modern, the painting of Clementina Almeida de Moura, in fact contains the technical mastery necessary to the artistic creative representation of everyday’s live.


Dr. Alessandro Costanza


Curriculum Vitae

Native of Porto - Portugal

Diploma of Painting - Art School António Arroio - Lisbon

Licentiate - Fine Arts - Painting - ESBAL - Faculty of Arts University of Lisbon

Diploma of Visual Education


Personal and collective exhibitions:

Germany: Berlin

Belgium: Brussels, Tervuren, Edegem, Genval, Gent, Antwerp, Zaventem, Liège, Haasrode, Leuven, Vilvoorde, Spa, Mons, Seraing, Diest, Hoeilaart.

France: Paris, St.Brieuc, Villeneuve d’Ascp, Coorvol d’Embernard, St.Tropez.

Italy : Rome, Bologna, Milano, Firenze, Venice, Forli, Serradifalco, Pescara, Piacenza.

Netherlands : Leusden, Lage Zwaluwen.

Portugal : Lisbon, Faro, Estremoz, Queluz, Alcanena, Sintra, Porto, Lordelo.

U.S.A. : Miami, Doral Florida.



Collana Artistie e Poeti dal Mondo – Livorno – Italy 2016

Progetto Arte Almeida de Moura Clementina – Serradifalco – Sicily – Italy 2014

Art et Poésie – R.E.G.A.R.D. – France 2012

International Dictionary of Artists (World Wide Arte Books) – U.S.A. 2011

BOE – Promotore di Creatività – Palermo – Italy 2011

Avanguardie Artistiche – Palermo – Italy 2010

Dizionario Enciclopedico Int. d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea – Ferrara – Italy 2008 and 2010

Biennale Int. Dell’Arte Contemporanea – Firenze – Italy 2003

Dictionnaires des Artistes Plasticiens de Belgique des XIX of XX Siècles

Deux Siècles de Signatures d’Artistes de Belgiques

Art in Belgium – Artistes & Galerie – 4° and 5° Edition – Belgium


Distinctions :

Gran Premio « Coppa Europa » - Firenze 2019

Gran Premio « Leonardo da Vinci » - Firenze 2019

European Intercultural Activity- Medalha de honor- Milan y Roma 2018

Diploma European Activity – Milan y Roma 2018


Attestation of Artistic recognition Ac. Int. Il Marzocco – Firenze - Italy 2016

Premio Speciale delle Crítica – Biennale Int. « Il Falco d’Oro » - Sicily - Italy 2014

Grand prix Int. « Il Giorgione » - Firenze – Italy 2010

Premio Alba – Ferrara – Italy 2008 and 2010

Premio Arte in TV – Rome – Italy 2003

Gran Premio Int. Dell’Arte – Firenze – Italy 2002