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Filipe Assuncao is a Portuguese painter that and lives and works in Norway. He started painting very early and studied art with known masters for many years, building a solid background and technique in drawing and painting. He completed a Master Degree in Fine Arts in Portugal that he concluded with the classification of Excellent. He started teaching art in 2012 and curating art exhibitions.

Filipe is a storyteller. He paints mostly figurative and his inspirations are people, emotions and all type of creatures, that he normally pictures together with very strong colors.

His works are a mix of a deeply planned work, combined with intuitive painting to bring very challenging artworks that leaves no one indifferent.

Filipe’s strong speech immerses the public that observes his works in a new immersive atmosphere. Each subject represented is part of a micro cosmos, with its problems and feelings. His great merit is to have been able to create a new visual linguistics. An alphabet made up of signs and colors, which makes it easily recognizable in the immense and varied art scene.

He exhibits regularly around the world since 2005 and his work has recognized, having received more than thirty awards in Europe and America.

His artwork is present in museums, private and corporate collections in Norway, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Poland and U.S.A.

He is an active member of several Art Groups and Organizations, such as NEUTRAL-ISM Art Group in Italy, ArtCan Art Group and A.N – Artists Information Company in U.K., UAVA – Unión de Artistas Visuales de Andalucía in Spain, I.A.A. – International Association of Art.