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Rindera Lantana  

I was born in Zeitz/Germany. My childhood was rather difficult, because due to the profession of my father – an engineer -  who worked in several countries like Mexico, Spain and Luxembourg, I had to change eight schools and was educated in three languages, German, Spanish and French. Nevertheless I succeeded to become a foreign correspondent and  due to a job offer in Istanbul, I decided to work there. Here I got to know my husband and settled down in Istanbul.

When my husband got president of the Eminönü Rotary Club we choose as our project to show Turkey from her intellectual side and organized for this purpose a painting exhibition with works of the assistants belonging to the Mimar Sinan University -Istanbul, Academy of Fine Arts. This exhibition was shown in Frankfurt and Vienna. During  this organization I was so much impressed by Fine Arts that I could never get rid of it. I attended the Mimar Sinan University as a guest student and later on took private lessons from the painters Tanju Demirci and İrfan Önürmen. I worked hard and opened my first solo exhibition in 1996. So far I had 13 solo exhibitions  and many group exhibitions in İstanbul, Austria, Germany, Miami, New  York and Las Vegas.

The subject of my paintings are flowers in general, because during our stay in Monclova-Mexico, situated in the middle of the dessert, my father took us to the nearby dessert to get some refreshment in the evening. The beautiful blossoms of the cactuses growing there and their beautiful scent impressed me probably so much that this adventure settled down in my brain and is hence the reason for my painting flowers.


Best way to describe me is that I am an "environmental fighter" and that I feel deeply sorry for each plant or animal disappearing from our planet.

Turkey, where I am living for more than 40 years, possesses one of the richest flora in Europa; but unfortunately due to lack of interest, wrong building policy, etc, rare flowers are exterminated day by day. This fact has influence on my art; in each of my exhibitions I try to emphasize this problem.

One of my exhibitions "Endangered Beauty" was on endemic flowers in Turkey. One on wild orchids, because Turkey possesses most of wild orchids in Europe; another exhibition was on tulips - the first tulip bulb was taken from Turkey to Europe; another exhibition was on cactuses which I saw during my stay in the deserts of Mexiko.

I try to paint these small creatures with all their details like flaments, wrinkles, colour shades, etc in large dimensions in order to show their real beauty; for me each flower is an unique example of harmony in shape and colour...


My friends often ask me why I don’t stop painting flowers:

Well, this has several reasons:

Due to the profession of my father, we stayed several years in Monclova/Mexico, at that time a small village surrounded by deserts. In the year of 1954 we had of course no air condition, and since the existing heat did not even cool down in the evening, my father often drove us to the near by desert in order to get some relief. There were of course many cactuses, and since they open their blooms at night, I was already as a child fascinated by their colours, shapes and fragrance.

Another reason is my acquaintance with Fatih Orbay, one of the most famous photographer and producer of documentary films in Turkey. From him I learned that Turkey possesses one of the richest flora and most endemic flowers in Europe. His unique photos always give me as great stimulation for my flower paintings.