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Valentina Anopova is an artist of great talent and genuinely creative temperament. Her life is a fascinating story of travels which are reflected in her numerous artistic works performed in different genres.

Few artists could boast such wealth of experience as Valentina Anopova: she traveled in many lands and circumnavigated the globe. Her openness to the world is surprising and her subtle perception of the national spirit, expressed in her emotional studies, sketches and pictures is remarkable.

A monumentalist, a painter and an engraver, Valentina Anopova is an honorary artist of Russia, a corresponding member of Petrovskaya Academy of arts and sciences, and a member of various associations, namely, of the Union of artists, the International Association of mosaicists, the Association of St.Petersburg aquarellists. She was born in Leningrad. After finishing the Leningrad pedagogical college of arts and engraving, she entered the department of monumental decorative art of the Arts Institute named after Vera Mukhina, from which she graduated in 1966.

Valentina Anopova is a master of wide scope. Her output includes easel paintings done in a realistic manner, philosophic compositions, as well as colorful decorative and monumental works. Anopova is a born “composer”. An impeccable and genuinely original composition underlies her every work, be it a small ex libris, or a monumental mosaic. She adapts her technique to the theme, freely using pastel, oil, water-color, pencil, as well as techniques of mosaic or engraving. She often uses colored background, choosing a suitable color for the image of the sitter, thus emphasizing his/ her individuality.

Anopova has a number of Russian and international awards: a medal “For valiant labor” (1986); the First prize of the State Committee for architecture and building of the RSFSR (1965); the First prize in the competition of painting in the USA (1993), a honorary certificate of the Museum of Modern Art (France, 1994); a Silver medal at the International Arts Exhibition (the Ukraine, 2006). At the International Exhibition of engraving in Portugal in 2007 she was awarded the prize “A Personal exhibition”. Anopova continues to be an active participant of exhibitions both in Russia and abroad. She has had 67 personal exhibitions, has taken part in numerous master classes and work on plain air.

Valeria Ushakova, art critic, member of the Union of artists of Russia,

Academician of Petrovskaya Academy of arts and scinces



Her works are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, International Federation of Artists, Russian State Library in Moscow, Anna Akhmatova Museum in St.Petersburg, the Museum of Modern Art in Chamallier, the Museum of baron Gerard (France), Stedelik Museum in St.Niclaas, the Eulenspiegel Museum in Damm (Denmark), International Art Salon of graphic art (Beijing), the Art gallery of Cindao (China), the Museum of graphic art in Brunico, Municipal Library of Lomaccio (Italy), the Museum of Ostrov Velikopolsky (Poland), and in other museums and private collections in Great Britain, Germany, Holland, India, China, Latvia, Norway, the USA, Portugal, Poland, France, Finland and Japan.