licca per ingrandire

Learning to fly  






My life is loaded with drama, chaos, accidents, disease, survival, love, adventurous trips and religious miracles.

Now Look at my artworks: Layer on layer like experience on experience.

I am creating my life story in a cryptically art language. Some of it contains wellknown symbols, some of are self invented figurative or abstract elements.

It does not really matter whether it is abstract or figurative.
The strange phenomenon in my case is, that my visual expression comes before things actually happen in my externally reality.
I do never paint or draw on memories. My vision is to express, what I do not yet understand, but know is real.  What you understand, is up to you, and I`m happy not to dictate you, what to think.

I use only the same three primary oil-colors and black and white. Thick texture and many transparent layer in pure colors on top of the texture is typical for me. I mix my colors additive in transparency. This gives my paintings a very deep glow. During the proces I scrape a bit of the transparent paint with a scalpel to highlight the details of the texture work.



Official criticism, Denmark:

From: "The art and the life - About the pictorial world of Henrik Saar"
                            By Tom Jørgensen

The inspiration comes from the old masters. From the renaissance and the baroque. From the time where artists constructed their pictures with a starting-point in carefully planed drawings for then on the canvas to bring by layer on layer of pure colors until the surface stud sparkling and shining as mother-of-pearl. Seen from an art historical point of view Henrik Saar is combining the predilection of the Florentines for the line and the contours with the Venice worship of the color. The result is a unique, personal and above all uncompromising manner of painting.

"For Henrik Saar came art as a vocation"
From an interview with Henrik Saar
by the Philosopher, Henrik Rude Hvid:

”It has been a healing process to unify life and art with each other, but also hard work in the alchemical sense, process-oriented and driven by the impact ” he says. ”I believe that you are, what you do and you do what you are. It is my mantra, and from there I work without compromise," says Henrik Saar."

L'Opera Celeste, Italy announced: in 2009 :

"Congratulations Excellent: sentimentality, romance, intellectual art, the metaphysical intuition of pictorial context, high sophistication of the images."
Scientific Committee Arts ★ Star Staff LucArt Studio - L'Opera Celeste


Solo exhibition: Henrik Saar retrospective 59 artworks in Centro Cultural De La Academia de Bellas Artes, Lima Peru

The ANIMA EXPO (All Nations In Modern Art) , Fredericia, Denmark, (An exhibition on my initiative with invited artists from around the world)

The Autumn Exhibition, ”KE” for selected artists, Copenhagen, Denmark

New York Art Expo - Rising Artist on SOLO, USA

The X International Biennale of Florence, Italy

Exhibition in MUSEO MIIT Torino, Italy