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Sunset Flash  






I was born in 1941 in Estonia.

In our childhood, during the hot summer days, in our dry and dusty hometown of Rakvere, we used to play a game of bathing in the Sea. One of us would close her eyes and the other would lead her from warm sunlight into cool shadow.

The one with the eyes closed had to sense the difference and quickly yell whether she was in the Sea or out of the Sea.

Heie Treier, Estonian Art Critic:

Sea – Woman – Aili Vint - Meditative Glow.

In Aili Vint´s work, however, we cannot single out one creative period typical of her, but there are four parallel lines, existing side by side. The question is not in the modification of her artistic style, but in its perfection. These four lines are associated with four different techniques – abstract (gouache, acryl), seascapes (oil), sensuous art (colored etching print) and light sculptures. Stylistically speaking, Aili Vint has not tied herself to any particular line, although her work is full of quotations of op and pop art, hyperrealism. She could be more connected with the first, romantic wave of veristic outburst at the turn of the 1960/1970s. In the first part of the 1980s Aili Vint began to exhibit as a graphic artist and in 1990 began to create light sculptures. But she always keeps returning to the Sea. The Sea is in eternal motion and the details, which the artist perceives at a blink, - something mesmerizing, existential and quintessential, - is gone with the next moment. All that remains is an experience of a person who is able to revive and magnify this on a canvas.“

Summary, Kunst Magazine, 74/ 2 1989