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On Guard


I, Dorothy (Sanders) Slikker, was born in Bakersfield, California on December 1, 1940.  My life started in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but soon after we moved to California where the war took its toll on my family, leaving my mother divorced with three children.  After the war ended my mother met and married a farmer, who became my new father.  He ruled with a stern hand and I dared not disobey his every command.  I always loved art and in grade school I took 1st place in an art contest of a tree painted in watercolors.  Later in high school I wanted to take some art courses but my father said no.  He wanted me to take business classes so that someday if I needed to I could support myself in the business world.  On his terms art was not necessary.  I obeyed.

After high school I continued my studies at Bakersfield College and graduated  with an AA degree in Child Development & Business. During those years I met and married my best friend John Slikker Jr., (another farmer).  I always swore that I would never marry a farmer.  I hated working on the farm.  After being married nine years and having three sons, I wanted to do more with my life.  John supported my efforts and I started Slikker’s a dress shop for the professional business woman.  I earned my spot in the city of Bakersfield’s professional community doing local fashion shows, and supporting the local TV stations by filling in when their shows from LA were snowed in and couldn’t make a commitment. This led into my own show featuring trunk showings and local fashion shows on the air.

After selling the shop in 1976 I met my first artist Lois Fox.  She convinced me to take my first lesson under her direction. I told her I couldn’t paint (it had been so long and I had lost all confidence in myself) but she said I can teach you. AND LOOK AT ME NOW!!!  Thanks Lois!

I studied with Lois and Naomi Mize at the Mize Art Gallery in Bakersfield. From there I continued taking lots of workshops with various traveling artists to hone my skills.

In the 1980’s John and I purchased property on the California Coast where I joined the different galleries and groups. It was hard to fit in and I did most of my work on my own.

In 2002 John and I retired to the small town of Pahrump, NV.  I found that this was the place to be accepted and to flourish. I met a good friend Doris Smith who got me so involved in the art world; painting with Gary Jenkins, Robert Warren, Johnnie Lillidahl and now teaching at Creative Painting Convention, in Las Vegas.

As of 2009 I have finished my certification under Robert Warren and I am one of his teachers. I spend my time teaching in the studio and anywhere that people want to see and meet me. I have opened myself to the students that have the desire to learn here in Pahrump and Las Vegas.