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Black or white, if you want to be happy live your life with colors


Vincent Messelier is born in Kortrijk, Belgium on the 6th of October 1967. He started painting in May 2006.

He is a completely self-taught artist who’s very passionate about his art. Vincent paints from his heart and soul with some jazzy music on the background. Depending on the moment or his mood, some other music can also inspire his work. In March 2011, he decided to sell his cash-collecting office, he had started up in 1992 and chose to live his real passion... Art! In November 2011, he became a member of “Dubai Art Center” where he exhibited his works and also kept his own art studio. In April that year, he exhibited in New York City, at the Broadway Gallery. He developped his own style, called “Meridianism”. Vincent uses palletknives and in his artwork, vertical and horizontal stripes and lines refer to the worlds’ meridians. He uses acrylics, sometimes combined with wood, foam or other materials. The artist also started a second line for hospitality and business, a concept, blending his own photographs, while projecting on details of his own paintings. ?Horses, historical buildings, birds, cars, sports... They all inspire him! He exhibited in New York, Dubai, Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Bari, Barcelona, and has also been asked in Berlin, Los Angeles, Palermo, Milan, Las Vegas, Toronto, Firenze, Lisbon and Casablanca. The artist also appeared in several books, as there are ‘Contemporary Masters 2012’, ‘Important World Artists 2013’, ‘I segnalati’, ‘Artisti’, and ‘International Contemporary Artists’. Please feel free to have a look at my other websites: He works also on customer demand. For buying artwork please mail to for free offer. See also profile on linked-in (recommendations) and google for more information.

Recommendations for a Belgian Artist-painter

Chara Kolokytha

Art History & Visual Studies

Vincent is an artist who enjoys an international reputation. His activity in the domain of arts is surprising and laudable. His creations cannot but reflect his innate passion for art and life...

January 6, 2013, Chara was with another company when working with VINCENT at ATELIER MATTISSE

Art Marketing Agency

Agency Director Strategic Planner at

one of the art world top new emerging artists!

December 25, 2012, Art worked directly with VINCENT at ATELIER MATTISSE

hugo brutin

Famous Belgian art critics

Vincent Messelier is a very personal artist with an enormous artistic energy and an inventive spirit who creates from his inner passion and reaches a high level of authentic and important plastic eloquence.

November 17, 2012, Hugo was with another company when working with VINCENT at World Wide Art Books

Exhibition in Italy (Bari) Global art Gallery

Belgian artist exhibiting in Italy

Vincenza Rubini

Art Historian, Education Coordinator, Marketing and Communication Manager, Tourism Consultant

Vincent Messelier took part in the exhibition "Globalart Art Global" made by "Globalart Contemporary Art Gallery" directed by Rosa Didonna. 
The strenght of colors and the inspiration of his soul are principal characters in his paintings. 
Vincent blends digital projects with original paintings creating unique artworks in which the evocative power of the emotion comes out. 
His artworks are enthralling and impactful and they project the viewer into a new and unexplored dimension.

December 4, 2012, Vincenza was a consultant or contractor to VINCENT at Belgian artist exhibiting in Italy

Wendy Yang

Beijing International Art Expo

VINCENT is very good at fine arts!

November 23, 2012, Wendy was a consultant or contractor to VINCENT at World Wide Art Books

Caroline Commenne

Shiatsu Therapy at Caroline Commenne

Great how Vincent transforms his inner feelings into his art. 
Have a look and enjoy his brand new gallery in Kortrijk.

December 6, 2012, Caroline was with another company when working with VINCENT at World Wide Art Books

Mark Daniel Torres Ambing

Creative Head

VINCENT MESSELIER has a rare eye and a very distinctive style for his art. He's brush strokes and color harmony allows him to express and communicate to everyone his passion. Being cheerful and down to earth makes Vincent a great company to be with in business or in a simple beer session.

November 26, 2012, Mark Daniel Torres was with another company when working with VINCENT at ATELIER MATTISSE

Yoko Yamamoto

Looking for illustration jobs!

Vincent artworks are very beautiful and especially the colors are great! I really love the way they were drawn, and the styles are modern. Really fun to take a look at! Make us happy! Yoko Yamaoto

November 21, 2012, Yoko managed VINCENT at World Wide Art Books

Mona Youssef

International Award-Winning, Canadian Fine Artist. Online Art Gallery at:

Vincent Messelier demonstrated his passion for art by making the big switch from having a regular job, in financial business as an owner in “Cash-collecting office”, to being artist which is long way career that requires life time investment. Even though he just started one year ago as a professional artist yet, has already exhibited internationally. I wish you much success on your bravely choice


November 21, 2012, Mona worked with VINCENT at ATELIER MATTISSE

Vincent Delbroeck

owner at Noborco Dubai

Vincent Messelier requested our services to enter the market of the United Arab Emirates. Vincent is a very professional, trustful and creative person. He's now successful in the UAE and also having his breakthrough in the USA (exposure in high ranked art galleries) and many other places in the world. The art pieces of Vincent are expressing his deepest feelings. Doing business with Vincent is having a reliable supplier of high quality art, delivering at time in a professional way as art should be. If You need more information about Vincent Messelier You can send me Your request on


April 23, 2012, Vincent was a consultant or contractor to VINCENT at ATELIER MATTISSE

Bénédicte Puystiens

Owner - Entrepreneur

Creative, Professional, he just goes for it!!!

December 12, 2012, Bénédicte was a consultant or contractor to VINCENT at ATELIER MATTISSE


Béatrice Coffield

Just like Gültekin Bilge we find in the works of Vincent Messelier the unique character of a lesson in perception, the creativity he reaches in the use of materials and the techniques deserve an international recognition.

The artistic concept is unique, a blend between photography, the representation, the material, the painting and abstraction, the reality, the virtuality, the transparancy, imagination, al brought together in a beautiful architectural rhythm.

A unique and professional concept able for promotion, reproduction, sales of painting of a great quality to a large public.

A real participation in the artworld.


Special recognitions and awards


2012 :

   ‘Certificate of Merit’,

 Global Art:

 Italy, Bari 6-19 octobre 2012 by Rosa Didonna


-    ‘Special Recognition’

 4th  art contest on Artavita

 Santa Barbara, United States,

 December 2012 by Despina Tunberg


2013 :

   Award ‘Special Recognition’

          Art Quench Gallery, international februari  

          Competition ‘Depicting Contemporary Life and     

          the Urban Experience’. New York, United States.


   Award ‘Special Recognition’

          Art Quench Gallery, international March  

          Competition ‘Open Theme’ New York,  United 

          States By Stacia Gates


 ‘Show Award certificate’

International Art Festival Central Park New York

June 2013, exhibition in 25 CPW Gallery



2014 :

 ‘Honorable Mention award’

 8th art contest on

 Artavita Santa Barbara, United States,

 January 2014 by Despina Tunberg


-   ‘Award as Winner’

 februari Competition

         ‘Matters of the heart’ Art Quench Gallery,               

          international New York,  United  States By   

          Stacia Gates


-‘Certificate of Honor’

 9th art contest on

 Artavita Santa Barbara, United States,

 March 2014 by Despina Tunberg


-    ‘Trofeo Il Tempio’ Premio Trinacria

 Italy, Palermo Museo Civico, G. Sciortino

 Di Monreale. Curated by Salvatore Russo and

 Francesco Saverio Russo



-    ‘’The best Modern and contemporary artist  

    award for the stylistic value’ April 2015  

    Palermo, Italy

Curated by Salvatore Russo and

         Francesco Saverio Russo


-   ‘Certificate of Excellence’

10th art contest on

         Artavita Santa Barbara, United States,

         May,  2014 by Despina Tunberg



-   ‘2° classificato’ VI° Festival Internazionale

  dell’ Arte di Roma 2014 Galleria il Collezionista

  By Roberto Gulliano July 2014.


-    ‘Ambassador for Belgium in the European art  

 Session in Denmark’.

 September, Frederikvaerk

 Denmark by Leif Nielsen.


-    ‘Prix pour le talent artistique qui emerge de ses

Prestigieuses oeuvres’ Decembre, Paris

Biennale Européenne, Curated by Mme Diondolillo.


 ‘Official letter of Recognition’ See me 

 Exhibition in Miami, Scope curated by William  

 Etundi December 2014


2015 :

 -  Honorable Mention’ 11th art contest on

  Artavita Santa Barbara, United States,

          January 2015 by Despina Tunberg


 - ‘Certificate of Excellence’ 13th art contest on

 Artavita Santa Barbara, United States,

 April,  2015 by Despina Tunberg


-    ‘Reconnaissance Artistique’ for Art 

 Contemporain in The Vatican museum,

Palais de la Chancellerie, Rome Italy, curated

By Roberto Guliani.



-   ‘Conoscimento, il Diploma’ Global Art, Italy Bari

 august by Rosa di Donna

         ‘Castello Svevo di Termoli’ at 3th festival

          international Global Art’


  ‘Official letter of Recognition’ The Exposure 

          Award See me  Exhibition in Paris,  Louvre

          July, curated by  William  Etundi


-        ‘Award Premio Donate Bramante’ , Rome Italy,

curated By Roberto Giuliani Complesso monumentale, Piazza di Popolo`


-     ‘Ambassador for Belgium’  in the European art  

 Session in Denmark’.

 September, Frederikvaerk

 Denmark by Leif Nielsen.


    -   ‘Marco Polo international Prize’,   Art

         Ambassador, Venice, September, Curated by 

         Francesco and Salvatore Russo, Italy


 ‘Art ambassador Artist for Unicef’ Palermo,

Italy November, curated by Martina Caliri