Art Duet ( Margarita Henriksson and N.PRIMA )  - Sadko

Art work “Sadko”


Our work shows a fragment from an old legend about the beloved old Russian hero Sadko. Over the centuries, paintings, illustrations, lacquer miniatures have been devoted to this hero, and even an opera was written by the great Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov, which has not left the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg since the beginning of the 19th century.

Sadko is a young musician from Veliky Novgorod. At the beginning of the story he is poor and proud. His only treasure is the musical instrument of the harp, on which he plays, moving from one feast to another.
But soon he is involved in incredible adventures that are developing at an unprecedented speed… With the help of the witching charms of the sea princess, he gains richly and hires ships with merchant goods to travel to different lands ..

Now Sadko - passionate and courageous, hoping to find the legendary “Bird of Happiness”. Goes through the Volkhov, Ladoga and Neva, to the open sea, and then turns south and recovers for a long voyage. During the trip, he successfully sells the Novgorod goods, which taken with him and his wealth increases. After spending many years traveling Sadko turns the ships back to Novgorod.

On the way back, the caravan of his ships falls into a terrible storm. The waves hit the side of the ships, the wind breaks the sails. Sadko understand that this is the frenzied father of the sea princess - to whom a tribute was promised. Without hesitation, the hero bravely throws himself into the cold waves, plunging into the possessions of the richest and most almighty ruler of the underwater kingdom….

Mixed Media  any size - it can be printed on different materials: canvas, glass: metal, stone and in any size / 2020 / Prezzo : To be agreed with buyer depending on size and material
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